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2017 & 2018 Junior A Champions

Following on from last year’s Road To Sam competition we now have a revamped and simpler format.

For the last 5 weekends of the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship a game will be selected whereby each player has to correctly answer the following tie-breakers:

  1. Winning team (extra time included)
  2. Winning margin (extra time included)
  3. Half time leaders (normal time only)
  4. Televised man of the match
  5. Combined total score of both teams added togetherĀ (extra time included)

Tiebreaker 2 is only required if both select the exact same tiebreaker 1 and so on.

Each player will have an assigned opponent in a 32 person draw, with the 16 winners progressing to the next round.

The 2 finalists will have to predict the outcome of the All-Ireland Senior Football Final for the grand prize of $1500, with winner taking all!

Entry costs $150 only

Players just need to fill out the form below, and take a picture of it and send to our committee (or email it to

32 players will start out on in our Road to Sam Draw, with players being assigned at random.

Note: Do NOT use Paypal for payment please.

Road To Sam Draw


Round 1 – Last 32

Game selected is Kerry v Mayo, July 14th

Please Fill In This FormĀ 


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